John Keating Bursary

JKeating PhotoIPPSA sponsors the John Keating Bursary for an undergraduate student at the University of Calgary's Schulich School of Engineering (Electricity Department).This bursary is provided to recognize the speakers who participate in our annual conference and is named after John Keating, a long serving and founding Board Member of IPPSA.


University of Calgary Student Awards and Financial Aid

University of Calgary LogoFor more information, please visit University of Calgary: Student Awards and Financial Aid. Scroll down the page and then choose Undergraduate Awards (a pdf file).

IPPSA History

IPPSA was founded in 1993 as a forum for dialogue among Alberta's power producers and a proponent of competition in Alberta's electricity market.

IPPSA has more than 100 members, who operate nearly 100% of Alberta's power supply.

Alberta's generators participate actively in the development of IPPSA's policy positions. And our members-at-large find value in learning about market developments via our newsletter, our luncheons, and our conference.

IPPSA is an advocate of competitive market principles. We are actively engaged with the provincial government and its agencies in developing policies that promote competitive market outcomes. This is driven by the belief that competition rewards innovation, provides new choices and creates a downward pressure on market prices for consumers. IPPSA is involved in the review of legislation, regulations and market rules and has testified before our market regulators.

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Please see IPPSA's Competition Law Compliance Guide.

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