There are four types of membership:

Power Members:

Are those who sell a significant amount of electricity per year (250,000 MWh+), either as generators or as marketers. These members will be invited to participate in crafting IPPSA’s positions on policy and regulatory developments. Dues are $15,000 per year.

Junior Power Members:

Have a similar role in IPPSA’s policy making, but manage less energy (anything below 250,000 MWh/year). Dues are $7,500 per year.

Corporate Members:

Are entities who have an interest in our industry, but who do not participate in policy debates reflecting power participant interests. Dues are $1,000 per year.

Associate Members:

Are those individuals interested in IPPSA activities, (sole proprietor consultancies) but who do not have the resources for Corporate Membership. Dues are $250 per year.


Includes access to background and planning material about the issues IPPSA is currently engaged in.

Join IPPSA to participate in Alberta’s evolving competitive electricity industry.

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Membership Form

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