Vision and Mission

As the leading Canadian independent power producer society, we unite members to support a fair electricity market in Alberta. We boost investor confidence, and prosperity for Albertans by promoting affordable, reliable, clean energy and better energy understanding.

The conditions required for achieving IPPSA’s vision are:

1) Legislation and policy should be aligned with the goal of open competition.

  • Legislation sets the market framework. It does not condition market outcomes.

2) Market design should be aligned with open competition.

  • In Alberta’s market, buyers and sellers should be responsible for meeting their electricity price and
  • quantity needs.
  • Price is set at the intersection of supply and demand.
  • Price transparency facilitates market entry / exit and contracting decisions.
  • Market design rewards efficiency in operation and rewards innovation in products and services.

3) Transmission facilitates reliability and market competition.

  • Transmission policy should align with and enable Alberta’s energy market design.
  • Transmission costs should be managed responsibly.

4) Agencies should enable competitive market outcomes.

  • Agencies should focus on removing barriers to competition and finding market solutions to market
  • problems.
  • Industry oversight and regulation should be efficient and should promote stability and investor confidence.

5) Stakeholders Should Have Confidence in the Integrity of the Market.

  • Consumers – at all levels should have confidence that the market works and that prices reflect supply and
  • demand.
  • Once set, legislation, policy, rules, and guidelines should only be changed through effective consultation.
  • IPPSA supports action that builds and maintains that stakeholder confidence.

IPPSAs Mission

To convene industry, providing information, resources, and a forum for knowledge sharing, and to create opportunities for dialogue, collaboration, and education.